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A new conservatory from A & G Windows is the ideal way to extend your home and add to its value. Built to your own style and requirements our team can advise you on factors such as location, climate control, and design. A conservatory not only enhances the look of your home, it becomes your window on the world, a place to be with friends and family, or a haven of peace and quiet.

Whatever you want from your conservatory we can help make it a reality. Use our range of different styles to add individuality to your home. Whatever you are looking for we have the design to meet your needs. The range we offer means that your imagination is the key to the conservatory you have always dreamed of.

Victorian Conservatory

The original, timeless styling of a classical conservatory to give a touch of elegance to your home. It can be distinguished by its steeply pitched roof and its use of ornate detailing along the roof's centre apex (called the ridge). Typically, Victorian conservatories have 3 or 5 panel facets.

An essentially English design that incorporates a multi-faceted bay end for superb all-round views. In effect, a Victorian conservatory is much like Edwardian conservatory but with one end which incorporates angled or curved facets.

Style variations include:
• The 3-facet Victorian in which the bay front has three main windows, widely angled for maximum space. This style is suitable for the majority of locations.
• The 5-facet Victorian with five main bay-front windows, creating a pleasing period profile with a subtle rounded appearance, offering the ideal blend of space and classical looks.

Edwardian/Georgian Conservatory

Called either the Edwardian or Georgian, this style of conservatory is similar to the Victorian. The main difference is that they are flat fronted where as the Victorian has an angular front. Representing a perfect marriage of form and function, they also tend to be more understated - making them the ideal choice if you do not wish to detract from the visual impact of the main property.

Edwardian conservatories offer a clean and simple look with strong bold lines. The full square corners on the Edwardian style maximise the interior floor area as opposed to the more rounded corners associated with a Victorian.

Also known as The Georgian, this classic conservatory is square or rectangular, with stylish lines. Edwardian conservatories have straight and square profiles without faceted ends.

Gable Conservatory

Few conservatories are more imposing or enjoy a great sense of presence than the Gable. A style that works especially well with older properties, these conservatories have a square floor plan. In addition, and unlike the Georgian/Edwardian or the Victorian, they also have a vertical rather than sloping front roof section, this maximises the feeling of light and space inside.

The authentic, elegant Victorian glasshouse. A gable end conservatory has a sense of architectural grandeur and offers a light and airy design which makes excellent use of available floor space and provides additional head room.

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